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By prelude1271
Remember when you were a kid playing outside during the first winter's storm. The snow is falling you are making a snowman and Mom is inside making hot cocoa for you and all your friends. Remember how that snowman looked when you finished? Pretty horrific, right? I think it would be great if you could build a snowman similar to building a sandcastle. With three different sized hollowed out circular "pails" that you could fill with snow, pack down, and empty on top of one another.

When you finished, Mom wouldn't be lying when she told you it looked great.

Reward: A roundtrip for two anywhere in the world.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I think it's SUPER COOL that you want to take your mom with you on vacation to some other part of the world!!!

As for mechanically engineering the perfect snowman that could pass your mom's inspection, I'm betting that if you made the ugliest snowman in the neighborhood your mom would think it was the best simply because YOU made it. If she wasn't that kind of a mom, you wouldn't be wanting to take her on a vacation.
;-D ;-D ;-D
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By Steve
I thought the roundtrip for two was with someone else to get away from mom. 8-o ;-)
By prelude1271
Yeah, the roundtrip tickets for two would not be for my Mom and I. That is just plain crazy talk. Not that there is anything wrong with hanging out with Mom OR Dad, I just think I'd prefer to take my honey with me. ;-D

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