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By Epiphany~314
Simple idea, cannot believe Radio Shack does not have one on the shelf. I have been shopping online and cannot find to purchase for fathers day, but did find Creativity Pool. :) OK, a simple device which connects to your cordless phone handset and is a stylish box with a nice sounding speaker or two built into it. Only controls are volume and squelch to eliminate feedback. Now at Christmas you can bring the phone to the group instead of having to take the group to the base unit. Da, why does this not exist - or is it me that is silly and it already does. If not, it should.

Reward: Reward is one for each member of my family. Getting a new job as marketing director for the company who produces this product would also be nice - I am currently between jobs and need something new. Thanks and good luck.
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By Michael D. Grissom
If you google search ( ) the keywords "wireless conference phone" (including the quotes) you'll find many choices. Click on this link for a 2.4ghz example: ... ODID=19450

Also, if you go to and enter into their search block at the top center of the page "wireless conference phone" you'll find three models of cell phones that have this capability.

God how I love broadband, the internet, and it's search engines!!! You can find almost anything that exist on earth in a matter of minutes! ;-D ;-D ;-D
By Epiphany~314
Thank you so much. I too am a huge fan of broadband, the Internet and it's most powerful tool - Google. I had googled it prior to submission, but did not have the correct search words - being "wireless conference". Muchos Gracias senior.
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By Michael D. Grissom
You are very welcome Epiphany and, don't feel bad, I've been searching with google since the day it was put on the internet and my first set of keywords was exactly the same as yours "wireless conference". I only added "phone" to narrow the search.

If you purchase a wireless conference phone, please update us here on what kind you bought and how well it works. I didn't realize that I needed one until I read your topic here.

By Epiphany~314
Ok, let me clarify my idea more precisely. One - The premise is that I already have a wireless phone, which I along with millions of others do. Two, I do not want to replace the phone I have - I like it. Most people do. I want an accessory to the phone I already own. In order for this idea to fly, and be sound - it would have to be compatible with most phone device technologies. OK now let me paint you the picture.

My device, or accessory would be something I cradled my existing handset into. It would look similar to a cradle charger, but cooler and would be wider in order to accomodate the speakers. It would plug into the handset, like a microphone would that you can buy so you leave your handset clipped to you belt and you can move around while this little ear-piece with mini microphone boom is hung over your ear. Except, it would not be hanging on your ear, this device would sit in on a table and it would route the sound out of a nice, clear speaker system which is integrated into the cradle. The connectors would not be the contact points that charge the phone - the connector would have to be plugged into the speaker out hole like mentioned earlier in this paragraph. The cradle would also have microphone pickups - I picture at least two, maybe four so that all the people around the device would have the same opportunity to have their voice heard. I do not want a dial pad on the cradle device. I do not want a recorder built into the cradle device. I just want to amplify the people on the other end and be able to talk to them as well. The power source should be a battery, a rechargable type battery. A charger for that battery could also be integrated into this device. We are already "wireless" since the handset is wireless. No blue tooth or WiFi required.

I said simple.

Now, does this exist?

Thanks again, this is fun. :-? :-? :-?

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