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By George Samuel Hodge
I was just wondering if anyone has ever put out this kind of product. It involves a control panel in your shower rather than a hot and cold valve. The panel would be able to be used much like a thermostat in your home and would also include a timer, and water pressure. This could also include luxuries such as shower massage and things that can be found on nicer shower heads. This could also work the same way for a bath. I don't really know if something like this has been conjured up yet. For I know it could already be in stores and I just don't know about it. This would be something I would think would be rather expensive (probably about as expensive as a hot tub). I hope you haven't laughed too hard.

Reward: If something like this hasn't been made, and somebody decides to use my idea, then I'd like a free one. It'd also be cool to receive some credit for sparking the production.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Nobody's laughing,.. it's a good idea!

I hang out at the Home Depot a lot and I haven't seen anything like your idea either. I still take "Navy showers" and this would be great for me (Navy shower is: 'on' 1 minute to get wet, 'off' 3 minutes to scrub, 'on' two minutes to rinse). A microcontroller could do that without even breaking a sweat.
By mekarls
It could also be used as a water saving device if it had a timer on it. Most of Australia is in a severe drought at the moment and the government gives financial rebates to water saving products like water tanks and water saving shower heads.
Also, people who's houses run off tank water would also want one.
Definatly a market for this product. ;-D
By Ryan321
In 2001 a gentlemen from Colorado invented and patented the digital/tempature controlled faucet (including shower). I know because I had this same idea just one year later. The only thing that would have to be added is a timer. Unfortunately, he still has time to manufacture the idea, and unless you can get his permission to add-on to his idea it seems your out of luck. :-/
By Newgadget
You are going to love this! There is a device call Shower Alert, that not only displays your shower temperature but tells you when your shower is ready. In other words, it notifies you when the water temperature reaches your desired temperature. Even Star Trek never had it this good. I owned two units, and they’re worth every penny. My family and I fell in love with it on the very first day. Be careful, when you travel you’re really going to miss your Shower Alert. See it at

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