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By zyx Rationalist
People can create a scheme where they can invest money that will be used to educate children till they are 25 years of age. After 25, these (children) should be made compulsory to return money to the scheme in installments with interest. This money will be given back to people in their old age till they die. In this way, we can educate each and every poor child in this world and let not old go hungry any more.

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By will
i believe we already do that, called taxes, and its purely evil and anti-capitolist. hypocritical america, screw it all welfare suks. if you do not work you do not eat
We have a student loan program. The government sponsored my education and now I have to pay everything back, with interest which will take me the next 10 years because the government made education so freakin expensive. Unfortunately, not all of us come out of school having good jobs that allow us to pay all that money back. Many of my peers will live in poverty for the foreseeable future because their education did not lead them to well paying jobs or their chosen field of work does not pay very well.
By duh
please Mr. me until Im too old to use the money you want to give me back.
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