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By acemarc
Would it be nice to just look at your watch whenever your cellphone rings. The watch will have bluetooth capability that talks with the phone and displays the CALLER or the MESSAGE sender (better yet with the message) before I even take my phone out from my bag or pocket.

Reward: At least 2 units from the watch manufacturer.
By shankitr
Dear Creative genius!!

wonderful idea!!!! taking out the cellphone is always a pain!! n by the time u pull it out of ur pockets, u miss the call( Murphy's law). to play the devils advocate, what if i am'nt into the habit of wearing a watch( never look at your wathc, Thomas Alva edison said). a simpler , better mechanism would be more welcome. ;-)

shankar @ shanki
By acemarc

Good point. ;-)

Although, I must say that the most pervasive gadget manufacturers are trying to emulate if not design there electronic products around with is the watch. (e.g. Camera's, databank, USBFlashmemory, Calculator, blood pressure meter, radio , remote control and many more).

The reason being watches tend not to be invasive or demanding. Most of us carry it yet we do not really need to pay attention unless
we need the time information.

Thanks. ;-)
By shankitr
Dear Creative genius,
when the whole of world is working around watches, dont u think we creatives heads need to take the road less about kinda ( going really utopian) - when theres a tinkle, a ray of laser beam emanating form the mobile cud show up the number n name in front of r getting a bit too boring mate
By boboisgreat
I had an idea like this years ago - it would be pretty easy. Instead of a watch - I don't wear a watch - it would be great to have a cellphone screen made into your socks. I sit crossleggd a lot and if it rang, then I could just look at my sock to see who it is.
By shankitr
dear creative genius

thatz a gud one too!!!! screen in ur socks.. now this is one thing different ....well how i wish socks never stink!!!!!!!!!... to just go off track a lil bit, i was wondering why not electrically charge the space around u at a certain radio frequency wave so that u have a virtual tuner n u se all those numbers on ur virtual screen...the incoming number cud be highlighted!!!!... or a micro/nanochip in ur head that wud "tell" ur brain all that is needed when u receive/dial a call!!!! think over... we need to save ourselves of carrying gizmos....lets work to make a virtual world .... may i know ur name plz Craetive genius??? my mail id is shankitr @

shankar@ shanki

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