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By that'smyQueue!
Do you ski? Do you ramble over mountain tops? Go for long walkies in the wilderness?

Be smart. Take brightly coloured, reflective, glo-in-the-dark, large inflatable balloons with you. If you get into trouble, simply inflate and tie to yourself, so air/sea rescue can see you from a distance. Won't weigh anything extra to your kit. Could save your life. Should be made/sold in standard SOS package/style so easily recognisable.

Reward: nothing worse than being stranded. That this might just save somebodies life is enough.
By Daryl666
that is such an awsome idea and would save lives the only thing most consumers would be sketchy about is carrying even a small ammount of compressed gas arround with them. This being needed because the balloon would have to be filled with a lighter than air gas.
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By thinktankak
Great Idea! If you were boating, some life jackets carry canisters of compressed air that in an emergency could be used to fill balloons to lift into the sky.
By acefreak
I have to agree it's a great idea, but like everyone else said you cant just blow it up with your got to have some kind of gas like helium that will keep it afloat in the air! awesome though, i like it!

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