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By Matthew
I had this idea of making a new high tech newspaper delivery system. I was watching this program on the history channel about homing pigeons and how they were used during WW1 to carry messgaes. Well I think the same thing can be done for newspaper delivery, but not using pigeons. It would be shaped as a pigeon and would carry at least twenty papers inside and will have a GPS system so it knows where to drop the paper. We would just have to figure out how to power the pigeon to fly.

Reward: Advice on how to make this.
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By Steve
The US defense ministry invented a thing called "cruise missile" - seems like they basically have the technology. :-b
By megamancom2
to me it seems like delivering newspapers would be a waste of advanced robotics and anima-troncis (yes, i just made that up but it is robotics designed after animals). the complexity of such a system, and the cost would counter act the benfits of such a system.
By tigerat35
newspapers will be outdated soon as you will be getting all the news on your cell phone :) no point making this device....unless it delivers pizzas too
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