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By boboisgreat
I had this idea years ago - its simple really. YOu build a little white box with 12 gauge wire. Add a small 3.5" speaker, a volume knob, a tone knob, a record button, and a transformer knob. Also attach a 3.5" lcd screen with a small keypad from a mobile phone. Inside, place a microwave phase splitter and waveguide wired to the keypad, lcd, and tone knob. Add 3 "C" batteries - tape them "+" to "-". I almost forgot, add a small black & white camera on one end to record objects. Step 1 - stand approx. 3 feet from objects you want to record. I used a tree, a duck, and a loaf of cheese. Once you've recorded the objects, type their associating key (i.e. "name" ) into the keypad - that way you have easy recall. Hit the record button when you speak to associate the word(s) with the object. When you're ready, hold the transformer knob to the right and speak the name of the object and Voila! your speech is transformed into that object! Its a great voice converter and has many uses - for example, if you've recorded a cheese or 2 and you're making a sandwich, you don't need to worry about not having the cheese - simply hold the transformer knob to the right, say cheese (or whatever name you associated with your cheese), and Voila! you have that cheese for your sandwich. Same thing goes for rocks - if you need more rocks for your driveway or lamp-post, just say "rocks" while holding the transformer knob to the right and Voila! you'll have a rock to add to your driveway. If anyone knows any venture capitalists who might be interested, say hi.
By boboisgreat
#5277 don't need to worry about not having the cheese - simply hold the transformer knob to the right

I was waaayyy off on this - you need to hold the knob to the left.

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