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By boboisgreat
I had this idea several times in the past 20 years. Basically, what you could have is a little plastic box with a switch and green light and a red light. Put that outside the shower. Install an electric ball valve on the hot water line and another on the cold water line - this would require going under the house or into the wall behind the shower. The idea is to electrically control the water lines but not put the control in the shower. Next, get 12 gauge wire and run it from the kitchen to the little box outside the shower. Tape a switch to the back of the hot water knob and another to the back of the cold water knob in the kitchen (or use one 3 position switch if the kitchen sink faucet only has one arm/knob for both). Make sure the knob can activate each switch. Connect the 12 gauge wire to these switches. Then run wire from the box outside the shower to the electric ball valves behind the wall (or under the house). Get 4 "C" batteries and tape them together ("+" to "-"). Put this battery under the kitchen sink and connect it to the other switches at the kitchen sink. Put on some good shower music when you're ready to have your shower ready and go to the kitchen - adjust the kitchen sink water temp to suit and walk to the shower. Voila!!!! I'm applying for a patent on this, so don't nobody try to steal this idea.

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