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By Zachary Ybarra
Neon lit snowboards. Hmmmmn! Hit the half-pipe slopes in a new futuristic style! Be a star burning in time during evening competition, practices or whenever you just wanna let it rip! What an idea! Got plenty more for sale! Comments: E-Mail Zachary Ybarra at Please show me some gratitude. Uhhh....... Please! ROCKS!

Reward: $20,000 and/or just warm comments he he!
By will
mix some techno into it and put glowsticks to your pads/helm and u got one hell of a show.
By Takoma Park
Glowsticks: the best way to display a complete disregard for the environment.
By Daryl666
DUDE i'm gonna so see if i can pull it off with LED's i have a bunch of ultra bright white LED's i can use. all i need is the time to do it.

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