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By ahoff2106
The Stroke Counter would be a belt that ties around the chest of a swimmer with two sensors on each side underneathe the armpit. The sensor then would count the number of stokes the swimmer was taking. It would count each time the shoulder would rub up against the sensor. It would work in every stroke. The benefit would be that swimmers could now see how many strokes they're taking each length. The goal would be to see how many strokes you're taking per length and then try to cut that number down to the fewest number of strokes possible. Therefore finding the least amount of strokes being the most efficient. Benefit any age swimmer up to the most competitive.

Reward: Getting this product for free
By treadair
It would be nice if the counter was hooked up to an engine and combined with a box just a little bit bigger than a man, the idea being that as you swam it would figure out how fast you were going and move down the street at that speed. With another machine pushing a current against the swimmer to keep his/her position stable this would let you swim down the street in the summertime instead of having to jog down it.
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