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By Jamie Carpenter
Some people may say this isn't exactly an invention, but I'm sure cat lovers worldwide would love it if someone created a cat breed that stays small and kittenlike forever. Through the years, miniature dog breeds have flourished; why is it that there are no miniature cat breeds? I can think of a dozen dog breeds that retain their puppylike appearance, yet the typical housecat is doomed to going from adorable, petite furball to big, fat furball within a year or two! :-)

Reward: A "Forever Kitten" of my own...possibly replacing my own fat furballs...just kidding!
By Sasuke
I was just talking about this "invention with some friends yesterday. I decided to check online to see if there were any people actually working on the idea. That is how I found this post.
I would love to find a "Pocket Kitten" as I like to call them :)
By Chris579
I checked out that web site for bonsi kittens. It's the sickest and saddest thing I have ever heard!

I hope the webmaster who make that page is shot and killed.
By Chris579
warning!!! Do not go to the bonsi kitten web site listed above.

I was foolish enough to check it out. This only gives the web site power because of all the visitors.

By Hiro
As a citizen of Japan, I must say most clearly that bonsai cats are an ancient tradition. Nothing is "sick" or "sad" about this tradition.

I believe people in other parts of the world often have cats "declawed." To me, this is very repulsive - part of a cat is taken away. In the bonsai method, cats are unharmed, just shaped differently. No part of a cat is removed. Why do you consider declawing normal and bonsai traditions "sick?"

To me, saying that a person should be "shot and killed" is "the sickest and saddest thing I have ever heard." It must be terrible to think this way.

And since a webmaster is being threatened, I'm certain Steve-san agrees with me...
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By Steve
P.S. Chris579, you obviously belong to those folks who sincerely believe that no real aliens were hurt during the making of MiB2. Shame on you! :-/
By Kodiak
Hiro, I don't think you understood Chris579's post... Chris didn't say that cat bonsai as a whole is sick or sad, just this one website.

As Chris said in the second post, this site, which you apparently did not check out, is a hoax. The methods depicted obviously wouldn't work, and have never been used in feline bonsai.

Among other things, cats are shown being placed into a single rigid container instead of individual molds being placed on various parts of the cat's anatomy while others are encased in fabric wrappings. Obviously, this wouldn't work: the hoaxster even says as much by stating that the cat's excrements could not leave its body. Also, the tools described are entirely wrong, the time frame is too fast, the exceptional difficulty of minimizing tooth size is never mentioned, etc. etc.

Plus, the cats are described as being molded into geometric shapes, which have nothing to do with true feline bonsai tradition, which either merely creates a miniature cat or uses animal shapes such as turtles, frogs or fish. Apart from the fact that I'm not even sure geometric forms could work, why would anybody want a cat shaped like a cube?

I assume that http://www.bonsaikitten.comsite was meant as a clever insider joke that should never have left the cat bonsai community. The tone used in the descriptions, for instance, is an excellent parody of a certain bonsai grandmaster (whom I shall not mention by name), but people not familiar with the culture would not understand the references and in-jokes, and therefore come to the conclusion that forming cats into shapes that please the eye is sick.

If the site has become known outside the feline bonsai community, perhaps the hidden references should be explained on the site, or the address of a legitimate instruction center provided?
By The Joker
I am looking for a plugin module called humor.exe. I've heard that it's extremely expensive, but maybe that's only a rumor. Can anyone recommend a free download site?
By joasia
The very idea of creating miniature animals is evil. Can you imagine purposely creating minaiture human beings? Children are defintely much cuter than adults, and yet it is unthinkable to ever venture such an experiment. Miniature animals, be that dogs or rabbits, apart from being more highly-strung and jumpy, also have shorter life spans and are more prone to various physical diseases. Rather than come up with new breeds, human beings should devote their energy to doing something about the surplus of the ones which are already there. And I do not mean kill'em all.
As for bonsai kittens, why, the fact that it is a tradition somewhere does not make it right. Just as declawing is repulsive, so is purposely MALforming parts of an animal's living, feeling body. It may be considered acceptable by some people, or called an art form by others, but the truth is that it is a cruel, thoughtless practice and should be seen as such.
By George K.
While I don't want to talk about bonsai cats themselves, I do think joasia's post deserves a few comments:

This is the sort of cultural intolerance that is at the root of many of today's problems. The statement that children are "definitely" much cuter than adults is absurd, and a dead giveaway to the author's mentality. joasia seems to feel that his or her aesthetic standards are in some way absolute, and the only way of seeing things. This mindset quickly leads joasia to classify a practice as "evil." Other people might "consider," but joasia believes to be in possession of "the truth."

Fortunately, much as they would like to, people like joasia can't force their highly subjective views of beautiful and ugly, good and evil on others. The US government, for example, is a lot more respectful of cultural heritage, for instance by allowing Native Americans to hunt animals for use in traditional rites even if such animals are endangered. I'm sure that for people like joasia, this would be "evil," regardless of the opinions of another people...
By duh
Yeah.... my dog has a name for them already.......appetizers!!
By kekeandash
those mini dogs get old too, they just stay small
By mommychic02
Hiro, I suppose you don't think the art of wrapping a woman's feet to produce a desired shape and size is cruel either? Do you have any idea how painful that is? Imagine that being done over your entire body, while completely unable to move for months? Oh yeah, that's "art". Where do I sign up? In Hell?
I pray to God that the whole bonsai kitten practice is just a joke and that its not really done. Unfortunately, there are some seriously disturbed people in the world we live in and I wouldnt rule out that someone somewhere has done it. :-P

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