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By Dona
I would like to see some company make a wrist watch that could be set to alarm every 15 minutes, or every 4 hours, or whatever intervals were needed. It should vibrate rather than sound so that it would remain a private matter to the individual and also would not disturb others. It could be set to vibrate every 15 minutes to remind you to tighten your stomach muscles, or whatever muscles needed to be exercised on a regular basis. Or it could be set for every 4 hours, 6 hours, or whatever intervals you needed to remember to take your medications.

Reward: a lifetime supply of free vibrating alarm wrist watches
By fee-fee
Fab idea! (Probably not one to be marketed to surgeons though!!)
By bookwormjackie
That's a great idea, but it isn't really that useful, since a lot of other devices (eg: mobile phones) have alarm function and it be difficult to set it to ring every now and then. I'm not sure whether alarms on these devices can be set to vibration, but I think it's most likely possible. Anyway, I really like this theory! ;D
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