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By El malki Boubker
Do you remember those key-rings equipped with an alarm device? When you whistle the alarm goes out which allow you to find your keys.

Now let's grab this idea and apply elsewhere. What about remote control for TV or other electronic devices. If you are like me always looking for your remote control, just buy an alarm key-ring and stick at the back.

Reward: Just whistle and enjoy it.
By Guest
good idea how annoying is it when your fav show is on tv and you cant find the remote homer simpson would be prowd
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By Steve
Some TV's may even have buttons right under the screen... :-B

Well, ok, getting up is definitely against the rules, so let's be serious. So how about getting a piece of string and tying the remote to your favorite beer mug?
By brookeone1
;-7 What really makes me hopping mad is that this is exactly what I need, except I can't whistle. When is someone going to invent a locator that can be used by the whistling-impaired??
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This has already been invented. I saw an infomecial or comercial for a device that had this function. It had a peel & stick back. The company might be defunked, this was quite a few years ago. :-/
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By Steve
brookeone1, you need the extended package with a whistle included.

Of course, you would need an alarm-key ring for that whistle as well in case you misplace it... :-D
By Guest
Hey there to all whistle impaired people!! The key chain that was designed to whistle with an alarm that went off also works when you clapp your hands!! I've already tried it.... the only think is maybe someone should invent one that is louder and can be set to play your favorite song!
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