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By kennyt55
An oven that uses the heat coils in the back of a refrigerator to heat the food.

It would definitely increase the energy saving of both the fridge and oven.

Reward: nothing
By Daryl666
the idea would work to an extent. you see the reason the hot coil on the back of the fridge is of a relative size is because the better the heat is dicipated while the coolant is compressed, the better the fridge will perform. if you were to put the heat coil into an enclosed insulated space the fridge's heat exchange unit would have to work a lot harder for it to work.

Most people would save at least a little money if they put a shade over their central air conditioner to keep the sun off it if they have one and everyone would save some power if they gave their fridge as much room to let the heat go as possable.
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