Gather feedback on ideas and inventions that you plan to market yourself, or find partners for further development. Remember that anyone can read your post, so don't disclose any confidential information about your project.
By sutharsunil
Can you think of an aircraft which does not need to land to re-fule it self. It can be done in the AIR

Well here I got an Idea that will make this Happen...

Think of energy in the most transferable form, You dont cary anything and yet you are not out of it...

I got the basic Design wanna some technical Big co. like GE etc. to invest resources

Reward: Well a contract Coz this is a Life changing Idea, Life of not only me and you but the world...
By Dishes
I feel as though you are talking about a fuel source other than gasoline, but I just wanted to let you know that they are able to refuel some airplanes (air force one for example) while in the air.
By 'The One'
Your idea should be used for 'hoverskates', 'hovercars', hoverboards', etc. Check out 'Easy Hovercraft' idea on one of the other forums on this site. It's in the 'Look-What-I-Did-Do-It-Too Aquarium'. The idea is by 'C-Chamberlain' and we've been talking about something similar, check it out if you want. ;-D B-)

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