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By Mice_Elf
Fed up with losing your place in a book? The Digital Bookmark tracks the movement of a page. Simply enter in the page number where the book starts (usually 1, but sometimes not) and for each page turn, the digital bookmark increments.

It attaches to the book either via a velcro band or clipped to the top of the book and never loses its place.

Drop the book and keep your place! Get interrupted but come back to where you were!

Reward: Recognition and at least 1 for free.
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By Steve
Mice_Elf, do you have any concrete ideas how this should work? Does it have a camera that "peaks" around the corner to watch you turn the pages? What if you turn one page pack to reread something you may have missed? And does the bookmark display the page you stopped reading, or how does it work?
By Mice_Elf
There are a few options that could be utilised. One is a mini laser sight that tracks movement, or sensors that when the page turns, the line of sight is broken causing that to trigger the counter.

I did have some other options,and wrote them down...however I've not got it to hand, so when I go home, I'll get it and list those options that I came up with.
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By test
yah! And have a light attached too!!! !+)
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