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By Steve
Ever tried to organize a surprise birthday for a friend? Well, the huge problem about surprise birthday parties is that they never actually come as a surprise - people KNOW when they have birthday, so if someone takes you to a surprise place on your birthday, it isn't very hard to guess what's gonna happen.

Introduce the REAL surprise birthday. Let the government give everyone a random surprise birthday that changes on a yearly basis. Make the info available to everyone except the person celebrating his/her birthday. Will solve other problems, too, e.g. people heading for a round birthday won't have time for a midlife crisis. Also, people whose birthday used to be in December will get a fair chance to celebrate it when it's nice and warm.

Reward: Throw a surprise birthday party for me.
By Deceptive Geko
This sounds way to much like the pretensious jokes used on sitcoms by the dumb character whos trying to organize a birthday party.

Dumb Character: Duh, I Schedualed the party for the 3rd
Other Character: Bot bobs birthday is on the fourth!
Dumb Character: Like I know that, but then it wouldnt be a surprise!
(Canned Laughter)
(A Little tiny part of me dies inside...)

Here are my problems with your idea:

What happens to people who hate surprises. Are they forced by the government to celebrate this surprise birthday? And how exactly would the government keep you from knowing your birthday but give the information to everyone else. Would you be willing to pay taxes to pay for this government sponsored birthday program?

I think your idea has a few advantages but in reality could never be sustained properly. I think something similar though could work if it just had the right idea. I wish I had some suggestions, but I dont at the moment. What does everyone else think?
By Deceptive Geko
Apparently this forum bleeps out the word D-U-M-B. Sorry for the confusion if you didn't get the joke above. I wasn't actually insulting someone with it.
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