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By AaronBurns
Instead of meal replacement drinks, why not have the actual meal. We could have anything from Peanut butter sandwiches to full turkey dinners including the pie in liquid form. Saves time and you only need to throw away cans instead of cleaning up a big messy table with plates and cups.

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By deeparch
Think of all the energy you would save in not chewing. And as the meals would come in cans, we could have them stored right next to the couch, so we wouldn't have to miss any tv. Of course it is hard to "flavor to taste" in a can but that doesn't matter really- we all have exactly the same tastes anyway.
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By AaronBurns
Instead of sending perishable foods or rice and wheat, we can send actual liquid foods in the can with a pop top lid that lasts fifty years.
Right now we send peanut butter, pop tarts and other foods that taste bad or K-Rations. I have tried K-Rations and I would rather drink a pizza with preservatives in a couple minutes than fool around with potatoes-aug-rotten (Pardon the spelling, I am not from France or Germany or where ever that word came from). If we get the right mix of the food in liquid form it will taste the same as if we bite it and we can easily drink it to save time and lives and get on to the next part of the meal rather than try to properly rip open a package and eat it with a plastic fork. Cans last and so does the food inside. The nutrients are easier to digest and calories are obsorbed faster in emergencies and when isn't starvation an emergency? The liquids are a better source of nutrition.
I think this idea should be looked at by all Governments. Maybe just to add to what they all ready send over to Third World Countries.
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By Boraxus
AaronBurns wrote:Instead of meal replacement drinks, why not have the actual meal. Reward: Credit

A mixture of ideas, if you will,

cook meal, just to eliminate food poisoning (some can be eaten raw, and your not tasting this anyhow when its liquified, read on...)

With a twist: have a pump compressor attached to the bottle blaster after you grind the food down for a true "shot gun" effect. also make it duel chamber so that a chaser can occur, "dessert", so it leaves a good taste in your mouth afterwards. a complete meal in 20 seconds or less.

The only problem is that not everyone knows how to open their throat to complete the process, so you may have to find a way to bypass the gag reflex and have a hose further down to the stomach until you learn.
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By roxferdmeccos
Liquid food is really good for digesting. It is good for stomach. Liquid diet can be a quick and effective way to lose weight. Liquid food is more nutritions and gives us vitamins.
By kevinandrew
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