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By Andrew Elvers
Overweight people all across the country are going home to sit on the couch and watch TV. My idea is to create a stationary bicycle the is attached either to a generator or simply to a device that can measure workload, attach this to your TV so that the TV doesn't work unless you are pedaling.

This will ensure that, for the duration of the show, you aren't sitting on you butt eating Doritos and watching TV all night.

Reward: Tell me what happened after you tried it...How much weight did you lose OR how much less TV did you watch.
By Uncle Quentin
I think this is a good idea because it also makes pedalling on an exercise bike less boring. It could be put in gyms, where the tv is connected to a video and participants choose which video they want to watch and then cycle their way through it. It would probably be easy to do an hour and a half of cycling that way without thinking about the energy you're using. It would be very easy to wire up the TV to the power output of an exercise bike. ;-D
By lovetta604
:-) it would be good and would it work in a power cut
By Lophe
Oh Yeah like wehavent seen this in every other cartoon on tv.
By MATTnTexas
When I was a kid in the 70's my mom knew a woman with MS. she used a generator and a tv to strengthen her legs.
By duh
hmm, I say, get rid of the TV altogether and make them run down to the mall and back to watch TV...cheaper!
By Mat N.
I saw a t.v. clip recently saying that this has already been done for a handful of computers located in remote places. From experience, I know a lot of the older bike trainers are very loud, and the quiet ones are very expensive. Besides that, I bet it's feasible. Maybe add a battery so you can ride now, watch later.
By kessmann1
This concept needs to be expanded somehow to include periods of internet surfing in addition to periods of watching TV.

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