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By Daryl666
A hydro turbine parallel to the Panama canal is feasable if there is a significant difference in height between the 2 ends.

Reward: credit and being told its done.
By DirtpatchSmacky
now some one correct me if im wrong,, but since the globe is round(roughlly) and all the oceans are linked, isnt sea level constant? digging another canal wouldnt mean that water from one side of the ocen is going to spill over to the other side,, its just going to fill the canal and stay constant to sea level
By Daryl666
no the water levels on each side are not level this is due to gravitational forces from the moon and the sun. the level difference on each side of the canal is the reason that the canal has to have water gates. ( water gates are to allow ships to be raised or lowered without trying to force their way up the current that would exist when the water is flowing from the higher level to the lower )
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