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By astUR
Since 99% of the spam messages we receive nowadays come from other countries, there are no possiblities of suing or doing something to take the spammers to the law.

Spam is now over the 60% of the email traffic in the world, it makes us waste HOURS of our lifes deleting stupid messages, and slows down the Internet speed worlwide. There should be an internantional organism, maybe United Nations dependant, where you could forward a spam message you receive and get involved legally against the spammer, no matter the country where he is located.

If such thing were enabled by our governments, in 10 days spam would be history.

Reward: My mailbox free from spam!
By citsonga
I don't really see why noone else has responded to this yet - its a good idea! We need someone out there taking action against spammers, crackers (the computer kind, mind you! :-b ), and other swine of the 'net.

I truly don't know why this hasn't happened yet - I, in fact, propose you take it up a notch and define what type of action should be taken. I say that the computers of the owners should be remotely detonated, and to hell if the spammer was sitting in front of it when it went kaboom. :-D Oh well. Thanks for a good idea - I'm sure all the COLD ratings are from scared spammers.
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By Steve
Well I know why I didn't vote for the idea - it simply omits the most important step, namely prosecuting spammers on a national level. It's a proven fact that a LOT of spam originates in the US (and I guess that's the country we're talking about by "national" vs. "other" countries). Yet, until recently, sending spam (and we're not talking about the odd solicited mail, but organized bulk messages in the billions) was a misdemeanor. In the last couple of months, two special cases of extreme spamming have in fact been brought to court and the (high!) sentences were promising. But there's still a looong way to go. Once the problem has been dealt with on national levels (this includes a lot of legal groundwork, as well as establishing a goal which level amd type of spam should be criminally prosecuted) then and only then can one start thinking about the next steps, one of which may be moving it to the international level.

These make interesting reading, too: ... /02356/143

Makes me wonder why anyone would seriously argue that 99% of spam come from some mysterious, unnamed "other" country. 8-o
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