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By Deceptive Geko
Why don't they install line out jacks into every phone. It would make it easier to record phone calls. I have a small internet radio station and I have always wanted to have people phone in and make requests, but I am shocked at how long and complex the process for recording phone calls is with a normal phone. If we had a line out on the phone, one could just plug the phone into the line in on the computer and start recording.

Reward: Give me a phone.
By mtd28student
#5824 it your self, open it up and wire in a 3.5mm socket to the speaker or the phone. It should work, try it on an old phone
By mrdee11091
thease little inexpesive devices are available from maplins that record from home house phones of course you would have to rig them up to recording equiptment :-D
By kengsslee
Just answer the call through the PC phone.

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