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By limegreencoolaid
How many times have you been waiting to be seated at a crowded restaurant with one of those pagers they give you and have no idea how many people are ahead of you. My idea is a cheap lcd counter built in or stuck on to the pagers they give you displaying the number of customers in front of you.

Reward: Free food at all participating restaurants.
By alken
I see that idea as having great potential, possibly being made already. Here's a few additional suggestions:

The lcd screen would list the following data: Patron's first and last name, estimated wait time*, people ahead of you, time and date.

*Estimated time would be the time in which you must wait until getting a table, this would be set by the restaurant and will continuously count down.

By virole
Might i recommend going to outback steak house. They have this system in place and it is amazing :) Good idea but its already in place. I suggest you talk to the individual restarants you would like to see this in.

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