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By AaronBurns
Speakers have always been round in shape. What if we explore Mono or Stereo sound speakers in different shapes live pyramids, triangles, squares, cubes, and see what sound enhancements we can come up with.

I think that if it were a two or three dimensional shape rather than cicular we can develope a completely different sound set-up like enhanced surround sound or tweeters or woofers or midrange for any sound system.

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By silverhammers
The problem with not having a round speaker is that the material would rip (blow out) way too easy with the vibration that is required to produce sound.
By paintballdude
hey, dont no if you ahve seen teh new speakers that have come out that are clear sheets of plastic and they sound nice. and also on the down low my dad is a ingener that nows all this crap about who is making what and he told me that in the next 2-3 years the chinese are going to come out were your speakers are real life flowers. i mean not cool to be blasting it in your car but for the ladies around the house and stuff. you ahve to admit taht is pretty cool!!!
By Raffael1981
i think you cant shape your speakers but by a digital way there are some ideas like yours ...

by the way. if you are interessted in having a better sound i will post a tip for you:
its really easy and rather cheap!
go and buy a varnish for violins ... and put it on your box`s membrans ... 2-3 times is enough!

the differenz of your sound will be amazing!! ill promise!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Violin varnish? That makes sense! I'll have to try that.
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