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By AaronBurns
A liquid soap and shampoo dispensing, screw on, shower head attachment that lets the water saturating your hair and body be full of soap or shampoo until switched off for rinsing. Refillable with your favorite brands of liquid body soap or shampoos.

In essence the water already has the soap in it to begin with so, you have no need for bottles or bars of soap or shampoo. Just unscrew your existing shower head, add the soap and shampoo dispenser, and screw back on the shower head for easy installation. Easy as that. Fill with product and be done. Saves time and money.

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By WizardJ

This is really not that hard to do. Look at some of the pressue washing equipment sites (for soap dispensers) and the ideas of how to add to shower should pop out.
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By Beezy3
I have a car wash device that automatically changes to soap after 5 minutes. It could be something like that. Although while I was washing my car, my dog was outside attempting to eat the water then it turned to soap and he ate it and wasn't to pleased. At least he is cured of that little habit!
By mike123
they also have this with soap in restraunt sinks, makes for easier washing of dishes. could work for showers but i dont know how you would lather as well with the shampoo already being mixed with the water. also in my family between the 5 of us we use 3 different shampoos and 3 different conditioners, thats a lot of containers for shampoo.
By 4awalk
Just been checking out patents pending on a soap dispensing shower head and found it... DAM! I have the same idea and reckon it could make alot of cash, my design is pretty simple, clever (i think) and eliminates most of the problems people have posted on the idea on this forum. Unfortunately ive lost motivation and will probably forget the entire concept completely now. Pity though, really not such a cool feeling when you think you have this mega money making concept and then find someone has already applied to get it patented! I do like this website though... i was thinking of designing a site like this too recently until i stumbled across it today.

Anyway, i'll just keep on thinking of new things with or without the help of some natural herbs and who knows i'll probably be back here on these forums bithching like a mad man. See ya.
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By AaronBurns
Don't feel bad... we've all thought of some thing that's been done.
Not your fault.
This just means your idea is a success since it actually works! ;-D
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By AaronBurns
This device is gravity fed in to the water stream at more or less soap from several seperate bins depending on which bin or how much you open the bin to add to the water.
You should also add a water shut off to this for lathering so that you are not just saturated with soap then immediately rinsed since the soap should be on you for a period of time.
It is similar to pressure washers that dispence soap but those require pressure to expel the soap and my product is a very inexpensive version of this being that it is made entirely of low grade plastic and is easily replace should it wear out.
The screw on design works exactly like a shower head and both the shower head and the soap dispenser have the same universal size screw on design which allows you to attach the dispenser between the shower head and the water inlet in less than a minute.
Thanks for your interest and if you can think of a better idea to add to this we just might make some plastics company rich while all of us do the thinking! Ha! ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
I wonder if an ultrasonic shower head would work -- then we wouldn't need any soap at all. They have been doing this with washing machines for years now and it's catching on. The trick is how much of the ultrasonic vibrations would still be in the water dropplet when it reaches your skin. I would think a prototype could be built using the ultrasonic transducer from a small ultrasonic jewlery cleaner.
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By AaronBurns
You could add a type of safe chemical coming from the shower head that makes skin cells susceptible to break down due to ultra-sonic wave of water vibration taking off (Like sluffing) the dirt and first layer or all layers of dead skin.
Hey! I think we have some thing here!
Now... let's patent and market this... over to you grissom! ;-D
By JonathanBol
Beezy3 wrote:I have a car wash device that automatically changes to soap after 5 minutes. It could be something like that. Although while I was washing my car, my dog was outside attempting to eat the water then it turned to soap and he ate it and wasn't to pleased. At least he is cured of that little habit!

LOL, I would like to see his emotions :D
A device exactly like this was manufactured and sold by a small company called "Suds Sation" in the 1960's. The head was designed so that the flowing water sucked up soap from a small bottle attached to the head. In order to work properly the soap had to have just the right physical properties. Just any old liquid soap would not work. The company sold the special soap required which originally had an antibacterial agent called hexachlorafine. When our first child was born in 1968 at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago the hospital had these installed in the bathrooms of the maternaty ward. My wife liked it so much that we bought one which I still have. The company went out of business in the 70's but the soap was carried by a hospital supply company untill some time in the late 80's. I have never been able to concoct the proper soap to make the device work so it is sadly unused. The head was made out of solid brass so it is physically in perfect condition. It was a truly wonderful device and I wish I could find a soap that would work.
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