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By AaronBurns
You could go from airport to airport or anyplace in the world with Swallowable Computer Scanable Capsules. You would get your subscription from a pharmacy that is in connection to that particular government in your country and you could be scanned and be on your way very fast. It would have a prescription of pills that lasts until you come back.

They could also be able to tell, by adding to the small computerized pill that you've been approved by another country to enter that country. It would have all the information in the pills for ID and anything about yourself that they need to know about you. A completely programable pill with information out and information in. It could be used in prisons or used in other areas like work or to find police records. Any where they need to see your I.D. Cigarettes, Alcohol, or any where for any reason. If it had a vibration in it, you could feel a criminal coming or a date match that matches your dating criteria. It has an almost unlimited amount of reasons for useage.

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By waynedcam
What happens when you get the poops? Really, it would be easier if it was implanted under the skin..

By InventR
The immigration officer would have to be Inspector Clouseau - "Pisspports Please" :-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Good one InventR.. hahaha... or is that "pooport please"?

I'll have to vote for the one under the skin that's reprogrammable thru the skin.
By Rishi
Michael D. Grissom wrote:Good one InventR.. hahaha... or is that "pooport please"?

I'll have to vote for the one under the skin that's reprogrammable thru the skin.

Or just drop the P in Passport?

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By fullofideazmo
this plan would foil the stupid, lazy opportunistic type thief, but not someone intelligent who planned ahead and had the resources to keep up with new technology. some badguys who are into identity theft, terrorism, spying, etc. are pretty gifted at disguise. stolen ids these days often get sold or passed on to someone who physically resembles the image and/or description, and folks who can hack databases might even shop for a victim to match someone they were trying to get thru security checks or whatever. to make this thing more theft proof and/or undesirable to evildoers, you need to include something extremely difficult for them to get around. dna code is probably the best theoretical possibility, but isn't practical or affordable at this time. a unique birthmark or mole might constitute that wouldn't stand up to careful scrutiny, but that leaves the rest of us. fingerprint? -- we've all seen them faked on tv and movies. retina scan? -- harder to do but probably not impossible with tricky contacts. what about voice print? as long as the badguys couldn't modify the info, a voice print might work. it would have to be safe from being over-ridden somehow, for instance by the bad guy swallowing another device that would somehow override one or more parts of the capsule's dataand insert substitute data to conceal disparities, like blocking access to the voiceprint stored in the original and inserting a fraudulent one, e.g., 'hello my name is joe travellor' recorded in joe badguy's voice so he would pass a live voicematch comparison.

this is an interesting idea. i've wondered, with the whole business of 'chipping' people so their identity can be verified and/or their whereabouts can be tracked, what's to keep the badguys from simply scanning for and removing it, then smashing it, tossing it, attaching it to a passing subway train, dog, cat, pigeon or whatever, throwing it down a stormdrain, or even sending it in as proof that 'we really do have your (leader/family member or whoever it is they are holding for ransom)'.

with terrorism such a big issue, the more brains at work on this kind of idea the better, imo. thanks for sharing your idea. hope my comments are useful ;D :-?
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