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By AaronBurns
With a simple box and a plug-in unit, your whole wall-to-wall carpet becomes your only need for air filtration. With Ionic Technology, the carpet pulls down all hair, dust, pollutants, and allergens and it does it silently. You just need to do your regular carpet vacuuming and your free of any air problems and have nothing floating around to bother you. The carpet has an under layer that has the Ionic Technology to pull down all those unbreathables so, the whole carpet is your air purifier. No noise and very little electricity. Never needs a filter replaced. Everything just stays trapped underneath until vacuumed up.

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By Steve
This idea sounds promising but needs some more work to get me excited. ;-) The problem with carpets it that it's generally not a good idea to have one if you're allergic. Regular carpets get saturated with dust as time goes by. Regular vacuum cleaners are far from perfect, they leave an increasing amount of dust behind, yet every time you walk over the carpet, a tiny amount of dust is released. From my own experience, it works ok to get rid of carpets and simply mop up the place on a regular basis.

So basically the problem that has to be solved is that the carpet needs to release the dust/hair on demand. Maybe a tiny electric current would work that makes the carpet electrostatic - then simply turn it "off" for vacuum cleaning. :-? Either way the carpet would need to be rather flat (not fluffy) and made of a special material that doesn't provide a home for mites.
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By AaronBurns
This carpet is better than no carpet because it traps allergens and dust and mites and everything else.
It has a plug in unit that you simply switch off to vacuum. The problems with today's carpets is that the backings are usually poor in quality but with a solid carpet backing you prevent this problem.
The problem with a wood or solid floor is that it doesn't trap these problems and lets all allergens and inhalents into the air causing the initial problem.
With my product there would be no air bound particles at all which would keep the air perfectly clean all the time and keep air born irritants from landing on other surfaces as well.
By Daryl666
i only have 2 problems with this
1) electrostatically charging the entire floor vs sensitive digital equipment and sensitive fingers every time you touch a doornob or other such grounded oblect. **ZAP**

2) this would use a lot of power and produce a rather unpleasant ammount of ozone (which is not the best for humans to say the least)

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