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By AaronBurns
If you have tissue paper on the same cardboard rolls as toilet paper you can then tear off the proper, needed, amount of paper. Not too much and not too little. You can then buy a toilet paper holder and place your tissue paper roll in a convienant place for nose blowing or what ever purpose you use tissue paper. Maybe in the bathroom where you can blow your nose in the mirror to check for any mess left over on your face or clothes. Faster and better than having it in a box of tissue where you don't get enough and have the blow through or too much and too many sheets of it to hold onto or handle.

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By Steve
I use toilet paper for tissues all the time - works! ;-D
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By AaronBurns
Most people are unlike us and need the tissue paper instead of our toilet paper because it comes with lotion but, most people have very sensitive noses and can't use toilet paper like us because they would get raw noses and their sensitivity to harsher paper makes Tissue Paper a big seller here in the States.
Sounds like you could have come up with this one too if you think about it.
I think my problem with tissue paper is blow through and you need to grab several sheets of it and that makes waste of several sheets and in folded form, rather than toilet paper form, they don't have the coverage area and you end up with snot all over you.
I see that you and I can use the toilet paper but it is not plausable for most people and it also seems unlady like to the women.
So, maybe it's not such a bad idea.
This product has a target market of and for women and their bathrooms and utilizes other products that allready exist like the toilet paper holder making tissue cheaper, more efficient and easier to use.
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By Steve
Aaron, check your local supermarket shelves - since toilet paper is applied to a sensitive body area as well, it comes in all kinds of soft variations (and scented, too).

I agree though about the marketing aspect. Imho you could essentially just repackage toilet paper, but it could make a huge difference.
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