The perfect place for ideas that are totally insane, making them far too hot to be thrown away.
By 'The One'
i believe that secretly if you apply this idea you talk about to your mind and body you can achieve special powers, unless your body already does it...It is the idea that you can channel the energy in your body to rotate one way (negative or positive) in motion so that using all of your mental and physical power, you can use your body like a rotor system , like an engine moving round and round, and you'll probably light up like those golden haired characters in Dragonball Z, or like Supersonic (lol), using all of your spiritual and scientific belief. It's about the soul, and whatever is opposite of the soul, one side and its opposite in conjunction, both sides of the brain and both sides of the complete control and yet freeflowing at the same time...

...Just a theory... B-)
By 'The One'
This is what is apparently done in a 'seance', one which I went to in a ghost evening event in Stratford-Upon-Avon for a mate's college project. We were told to imagine our enrgy going round and round the circle of us holding hands while keeping our eyes closed. (It must have been some kind of magnetic force. Also, they said IMAGINE it, which is important. - it shows that imagining something is the key to actully be able to make something happen THAT IS VERY POSSIBLE or something that WILL be possible EVEN IF IT TAKES A LONG how it took several hundred years for JEsus to appear after people wished for a messiah to appear, or something like that, possibly something to do with evolution). Ater a while, without my control, my arms or one arm started to lift up all on its own, and I swear there were no dodgy tricks involved!

Also, sharks use magnetic force to dtect things like prey and other sharks, as well as just smelling and tasting blood.

People, particularly star performers, will noticably GLOW when very active (as well as just in very hot/cold conditions), which is where I got the idea for people gaining Dragonball Z/Supersonic-like powers. (You never know, this might just happen some day!) Either this, or people will either spread angel wings or giant bat wings, or something...

You never know what the future holds, really...(lmoa, it's funny really) :-b :-D ;-7 ...
By Bertromavich
to that last thought you mean somehow leash oneself to the pull of a far away star or galaxy and then channeling that energy against the pull of the earths gravity to propell yourself away from earth.

you guys are missing polarization which each planet and object has a unique signature if you can combine antigravity with polarization you can travel by atomic attraction
By eat2live
There are theories that the U.S. government has anti-gravity devices they stole from captured UFOs and hid at the military base S4. If this is true your options are:

A) Break into S4 (it's below Area 51. You can miss it, it's designed that way.) and steal the anti-gravity devices. Then run away,they might start looking for you.

B) Wait 500 years when they throw it into a dumpster over a new, fancier technology. Then take the anti-gravity devices before someone else does.

C) Write a letter to the president requesting an anti-gravity device from S4.

D) Become the president of the U.S. and request an anti-gravity device sent to your private residence (other thn the White House).

That's all I can think of. Good luck with that, by the way.
By B B
an anti gravity machine plans can be found here: (featured on mythbusters too)

Tesla did research involving a layering 2 types of metal between a nonconducting material such as porcelain and charging one with high voltage electrical pulses. ... iments.htm

This technology has been researched in secret and suppressed. ... y-Lab.html
By Highguard01
pff i know what gravity is you take two poles fill one with water connect them fil pole with air open the valve the gravity of the water will push against the air moving it out the water will go to its southern point then you would start a suction this is a great thing it does both defy gravity by building pressure pressure tenacity vigor all these things are what great energy has.
gravity is measured look at your compass it magnetic if you found the polarity maps of the universe and took them you could do all this you ask faster in with better direction.

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