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By AaronBurns
A cotton swab with a hollow center that when snapped or bent, releases an ear wax disolver to the cotton tip that you can clean your ear out with. That way your ear doctor can never tell you not to use cotton swabs in your ears ever again. Keep your ears clean and have no build up on the ear drum ever again either. An every day treatment that will solve any hearing loss problem and hopefully have no embarassing wax hanging out. An all around healthier ear canal and ear drum. Do your doctor proud.

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By akcowboy
while it sounds like a good idea, earwax actually is very beneficial to us. earwax keeps the insides of our ears from itching. if it is all dissolved you will walk around scratching your ear canal all day.
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By Michael D. Grissom
The melting point of ear wax is extremely low - run your Q-tip under hot water before using and bingo! -- problem solved.

Also. akcowboy is partially right - if you don't remove 100% of the ear wax then the hairs in your ear will try to resume their original position very slowly causing an "itch". Do a good job (long process and lots of Q-tips) and there's no itch problem. ;-D

A passionate g/f is of course the best solution :-P
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By AaronBurns
To tell you the truth; once a week with rubbing alcohol on the Q-Tip does the trick for me but, not as creatively. ;-D
By sneezyalex
Just use some object and stick it in your ear. If your lucky you will hit the eardrum and go deaf! ;-D
By Rishi
AaronBurns wrote:To tell you the truth; once a week with rubbing alcohol on the Q-Tip does the trick for me but, not as creatively. ;-D

Rubbing alcohol is an irritant even to outer skin. Regular application can cause damage to the sensitive inner layers of the ear. Since you cannot completely avoid touching the diaphragm it can be even worse.

The ide a of using a solvent is good. Why not try a water soluble detergent (medical grade Teepol , for one) instead?

The creative idea can be reserved for another application.

By Fishy Bizniss
i doubt anyone will live long enough to notice the negative effects of using alcohol in your ears plus i think i feels good to clean your ears out with a q-tip... it feels .... cleansin!!!
By sneezyalex
Lose your hearing and never worry about ear wax again! ;-D

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