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By AaronBurns
Make money for our country. We could lease unused government land to private or corporate parties or to other countries where their is over population, sickness, starvation, or tyrannical governments. We could allow them to build houses and businesses or whole cities and call their towns anything they want to and we could visit other countries just by drving a few miles down the road. Right now, we have an over abundance of useless space that could be used to create alot of revenue or cash to help with the national deficit. Those other countries could produce what ever they would normally make in their countries and sell it with no taxes. We could be culturized without leaving where we live. I can see schools and colleges going on short field trips to other countries within a small amount of distance. Very educational. Maybe make a place for the homeless to live in those portable plastic domes and keep them in one area and off the streets. They would be easier to police and keep track of. They would all be in one place so, we could easily feed and care for them as well.

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By AaronBurns
Actually I was trying to say that we could RENT not LEASE the land.
Sorry for the confusion!
We don't want to sell out in the end.
What we need to do is buy other countries. Try that for corporate business. Wouldn't that be a problem for payroll!? :-o
By Duncan from Oz
A separate country just miles away? Do they get to bring their own army? I'm sure there would be lots of nice people from places like Iraq, North Korea and the like that would like to move in.

The point is, are you inviting in the people or their whole country. The difference is that they get to apply their own laws. Already there is a rather interesting situation with Native American reservations not being subject to state laws on gambling.

Already USA imports foreign people - it's called immigration, and they want to be where the jobs are - in the cities. They would not want to be on 'useless' land. And I get the impression that the USA is getting rather crowded as it is.

I get the impression that the author is not much of an outdoors person. How about instead try to enhance the local environment for the benefit of all living creatures.

Or create new age boot camps for people breaking vagrancy and drug laws where all of their physical needs are met and they can be engaged in therapeutic activities - society wins by taking misfits out of circulation (reducing crime) treat their problems and then reintegrate them back in as productive and happier members of society.
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By Steve
Agreed - chances are pretty high it would turn into a rent-a-ghetto type of thing. ;-7
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By AaronBurns
I have to agree with both of you but, renting millions of miles of useless desert land to make a corporate city sounds pretty lucractive. :-D
By llemmart
all the other countries need to stay where they belong. there is enough people here now that need help, and want get it because they keep sending it to other countries just to make themselves look better . and forgets about people here
By DirtpatchSmacky
How about we make the corporations that are using tax payer owned land pay what they allready owe? there are multi billion dollar corporations that use public land for oil drilling etc, they are supposed to pay for fair land use rights, but our government hasnt made them pay for years and years, another example of corporate welfare.
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