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By AaronBurns
Have an entire wall or room look three-dimensional with Magic Eye wallpaper or murals. Either see designs, shapes, colors, objects, people or what ever. A whole theme or just the same thing over and over again like in the books. How about seeing a seven foot unicorn in 3-D on your wall. Or one of a child's dreams like Pooh Bear just before sleep. Really could help them relax. Most people can see them naturally or can see them with very little training. Personally I thought it was amazing in the books. You can see Magic Eye on your computer on the Web.

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By nileshp_in
you can go for any stereogram. just chek out the concept of Stereogram these are repeated designs at first site but if you concentrate on them you can see three dimentional figure
By Ars3naL
I would get some massive head aches if i wallpaper was made of Magic Eye designs. But you could probably use them as some sort of subliminal message if you used like words. People would see them but not actually know officially what they were seeing.
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By AaronBurns
Another idea would be to place a three dimensional door way leading out of the room and you could watch people walk into the wall. Inside the open door way would be a realistic three dimensinal magic eye photo that looks like a normal way out of the room. lol
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