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By AaronBurns
Our cats physical health can be costly and it is important to us to have happy cats. If we included a moisturizer in cat litter then the cats paws would be healthy and not bleed or crack like they always do. Right now we have no way to fix this problem. They lick off ointments and other treatments fail. This is our only choice in fixing cat paw cracking and bleeding.

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By dragonbonez
dont cats allready lick there paws as soon as they leave the cat box and find a comfy spot to lay anyway? besides anything you put on their paws there going to immediately lick off anyway.
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By fullofideazmo
There must be something else involved here. My cats have never had trouble with dryness, bleeding or cracking of paw pads from using litter. Are you located where the climate is very harsh (temperature or humidity extremes), or where what is underfoot is concrete or something? Fitting your kitties with leather booties might be more to the point. If you were going to go with this it might be good to put the lotion in a mat underneath the litter pan so they step on it when coming and going.
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