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By Creative students
Our idea is to create a blanket which we can change the temperature whenever we want. As we have electric blanket which keep warm in the winter. However with new blanket, we are not only use in winter we are also use it in summer to keep our body cool.
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By AaronBurns
I have had the same idea but, mine was to have a permenantly cool pillow as well.
You know how you have to constantly turn over or flip your pillow? Well, your blanket would also work as a pillow making the whole package deal a cooling process during hot times in the house mostly from the summer heat. THe heat always makes it hard to sleep.
Even with an air conditioner your blanket and pillow gets to hot and then you have to hang your legs and arms out of the blanket and then bring them back in when the room and the bedding goes from too cold to too hot.
Your product is one of my dreams and I hope yours is produced. I will be the first one to buy it if you add the pillow to go along with it.
I say, "Go for it!"
By Kagaya
Sorry, i thought in China, there is something whom we called SILK.

There are SuZhou made SILK blanket that actually do the temperature control thingy NATURALLY as the material is breathable. It's sort of like cashmere but cashmere is prone to dust mite.

Perhaps if fabric company could come up with fabric such as Nike DRI-FIT space-age fabric but with better nano-properties concerning humidity and temperature balancing, we won't need electric blankets but as a replacement to sauna.

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