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By mking
OK, this may sound strange, but I had this vision of a man descending off a rugged mountain peak with an oak tree helicopter. Im sure you have seen them. they are those whirly birds leafy things that spin out of oak trees. My idea is, have a large scale replica of a oak tree hellicopter. Have the aerodynamics sufficiently flexible and proportioned to accomondate the passengers weight. Attach it to a race bearing located at the foot, or "seed" area of the "OTH" this would allow the helicopter to spin, but leave a stanionary passenger. The heavier the weight the faster the spin. The "OTH" would allow it's rider to gracefully and delicately float down to their destination. I think this would beat jumping off the roof with an umbrella. Hey how about a new sport!

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By Steve
Already curious about what the experts are gonna say! ;-D

(I do hope it's not gonna be something like "You need 1 inch of blades for each gram of weight" - because then you'll need blades that are longer than 1,000 feet to descend an adult human. ;-) )
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