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By AaronBurns
UVA and UVB light protection for your eyes. Eyes can be severely harmed and eye diseases can come up with sun exposure. For those who do not wear contacts, glasses, or don't want to obscure their vision with sun glasses you can protect them by simply adding a sun block in eye drop form to your eyes and then go out into the sun. It will help against tanning in a sun tan booth as you fake tan with fake light that turns out is dangerous to your eyes. When you wear those goggles with the plastic see through protection, your eyes dialate and take in more light which is even more damaging.

My eye drops may be your only true source of full protection from the sun barring other methods previously mentioned in this description. The eye drops guard against fake sun light from a bulb which puts out UVA or UVB light as well. Doctors who work on eyes would want your eyes protected after treatments like a simple eye exam to laser eye surgery and they give out plastic sun glasses but, with my eye drops you could add it to the protection they provide for added protection while your eyes are sensitive or dialated.

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By AaronBurns
Add a tint for optimal vision in all lighting conditions and a "Transition Lens" element and you could add these drops to your eyes alone and/or to contact lenses that obsorb the eye drops and you never need to use glasses again.
It can add to glasses and in the future it might even come too an additional eye drop that reshapes the eye (What a contact does) and adds a layer to your your own optical prescription for a total effect of "Eye Glass Drops".
See without contacts, glasses or laser eye surgery.
A thick all-in-one clear coating to cover the eye ball for removal with another type of eye drop only.
Keep from getting those contact infections as well. ;D
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