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By AaronBurns
Colored Bleach infused with water based unbleachable dye that will take out the old color immediately and add the new color in varying degrees for a unique, designer look. It can be added to the wash, or spot your clothes, leaving behind light to dark colors behind like a full spectrum of one color. When you heat set, the dyed clothes in the dryer or with an iron, the colors become permanent. This is non-toxic dye within the bleach. Fantastic look when you pour it on or spray it on your clothes. No mess clean up. Washes off hands and work surfaces with soap and water. Can come in any color. I have personally added bleach to jeans and it gives them a great look. Many different hues of blue from dark blue to sky blue and everything in between. Add permanent dye and you have many different hues of any color.

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By Steve
I have no experience with bleach, so no clue - but wouldn't mixing bleach with color not somehow bleach (or at least distort) the color you are trying to apply? :-?
The bleach simply removes the colors in the clothing on standard dyed clothing leaving a large white area and a few differently colored randomly shaped, rings of that color of dye but, I found that some dyes are not affected by bleach at all when I did the research.
When the bleach takes the color out it leaves a large area for full color saturation of the new unbleachable dye color you add. Then, with the other various degrees of colored rings you would have a color mix but, that would be limited in the sorrounding area.
The main point is that mixing the bleach and the unbleachable dyes would add a pattern of other colors similar to tye dying a T-Shirt but, in this case you can use the new color on any clothing not protected by the newer unbleachable dyes.
You get a personalized shape of color on whatever clothing you apply it too because, most all clothing is dyed with dyes that are bleachable. Making this a new process.
The colored dyes would not mix with the bleach so you just shake the bottle then immediately pour it on which gives you the tye dyed effect because of the random mix of bleach and unbleachable dye color affecting the article of clothing when it goes onto the clothing.
Now, you have to remember that if you try this experiment at home with bleach it takes a little bit of time, say, five minutes, to take full effect before setting with heat for the end effect.
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