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By AaronBurns
Slip covers for cigarettes that are not the usual tip or attachment. No inconvienient, long tip that the cigarrete can fall out of or lessen the strength of the cigarette smoke. It does not filter the cigarette but, rather it is a slip cover that has a tapered end and is reusuable to keep the smell and stains off your fingers and covers the entire filter.

Basically it is a plastic tube which stays on the cigarrette making smoking the same experience and does not change anything but the protection of your fingers. Since the tip is tapered it would fit all cigarettes from fat to skinny cigarettes. Staining of the fingers smells, is hard to remove, and may cause other problems like possible acne when you rub your face with nicotine not to mention unattractive to others.

Today's attachments are dangerous when the cigarette falls out and they are made to filter out the strength and flavor or amount of the cigarette smoke. My product allows confortable, normal smoking without any of those problems.

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