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By mking
I want to have a mirror that is able to talk back to you. Perhaps if you were feeling ugly that day with a big zit on your forhead the mirror could respond by telling you how beautiful/handsome you really are. After a heavy night of drinking you get up and the mirror could lecture you as you brush your teeth. The mirror could also have a transparent figure of a beautiful woman/handsome man. Further, the mirror could be used for self help, or to converse with you as you attempt to learn a new lanquage. The mirror could be your best friend.

Reward: Generous appreciation
By WayneR
Thats a pretty good idea. Could be a simple thing or complicated depending on how much you wanted to go into detail.

Most all "Motivators" Napoleon Hill, Ziggy, among others tell you to write your goals and put them on your mirror or some where you will see them every day. Well having the mirror read them to you every morning would be even BETTER!

This could be as simple as a recording device but then you would not really need the mirror to have it built in, you could just buy a recording device separately and set it beside your mirror.

Or you could get very detailed and have a small software program developed that goes in the mirror and basically responds to you talking to it. (Kind of like a bot that responds to what you type, except it would have the software that a lot of companies use now where when you call in the menu options respond to your voice commands.
By Stewie123
o you can have a little keybord thats on the bottem of the mirror that you type in what you would want to hear from the mirror and what time it should say it, prefurbally the time that you are in frount of the mirror most of the time, mabey after a shower, or brushing your teeth, but it could have little speeckers on the side. The voice can be a voice that you can get on the computer.
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