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By AaronBurns
What this product is, is a solid ball of rock salt contained within a porous plastic ball that is slightly bigger. It is made to be used in the dryer again and again with replacement balls of rock salt. What is better at evaporating or removing moisture from clothes than heated rock salt? Rock salt doesn't smell or itch and would leave nothing behind on the clothes.

This reusuable ball dries clothes in less time and does a better job of removing the water from your washables making it economical to use and to reuse. It starts to disolve immediately in the dryer and continues to aid drying continuously until the washable are no longer moist; they are clean and dry. It does no damage to the washables at all and leaves no residue behind on the washables. No trace of salt left. Just throw the ball into the dryer everytime you dry your washables and use half the time and half the electricity which, is so expensive these days. Saving time and money.

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By AaronBurns
with a solid inner ball of rock salt you have moisture going in to the heated rock salt.
If you wish to think about this idea another way, it is like going into the Ocean, only the Ocean is left on you and in your clothes but, you can wear anything into the Ocean and it never does any damage to you or your clothes and is not uncomfortable to wear even after the hot Sun dries your clothes that were in the Ocean.
With the ball, the moisture is going (in) through holes of whatever size is best. Even micro-holes in the outer plastic ball would work and would then prevent any further salt from coming out even if any ever came out in the first place.
Then, after the wash, or many washes are done, you simply unclip the plastic outer ball (In half) and insert another Solid Ball of Rock Salt.
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By AaronBurns
With the spinning motion of the dryer the salt left in the air simply evaporates into nothing due to the added heat.
Even if your clothes had a tremendous amount of salt poured on them when wet they would obsorb it causing no residue and it would actually aid in the drying of the clothes.
With the outer plastic shell being made of soft pourous material it would not make any noise especially amongst the cothing during the spinning of the dryer.
By Duncan from Oz
Great idea. Have you tried it?

I suspect that you would want to keep the salt from touching the clothes as some fabrics might not last very long with repeated exposure - okay for jeans but maybe not silk.

I'm thinking that salt absorbs water and that heating the salt in dry air would drive the water out. I'm not sure what heating the salt in hot humid air would do. Experiments on your own old jeans with rock salt in a perforated ziplock bag and a moderate heat setting might be revealing.
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