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Right now we have a way to include anything into the plaster on the bottom of the foot for casts but, so far we have only added a rubber pad for stepping. The exact thing we don't want them to do. Stepping further injures the leg or foot or ankle.

If we add a caster ball or soft rubber wheel to the bottom of the cast, that is slow moving, then we can scoot the foot eliminating the stepping and allowing those with casts to keep up when walking next to a person without a cast and also would help speed up the healing process of the broken bone with no chance of reinjury. The key to this idea is that you would never have to lift your foot. You simply scoot your foot along any surface in a controled manner. We take stepping totally out of the picture.

Most of all buildings have handi-capped entries to them and you can scoot along where the wheel chairs go to get into the building. We make the wheel or caster-ball out of soft rubber and we slow it down with slower ball bearings or in the case of the caster, if it is made of soft rubber, it would already move slow where we wouldn't slip and fall due to your foot coming out from under you. Safe, convienient, and helps the healing process. It puts you back into physical movement, safely, where you can keep up with everyone else.

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By ladyracergsr
correct me if im wrong but the whole point for not stepping on or walking with your broken limb is because it will injure you to put your weight on it. if you could put your weight on it then why couldnt you step with it? while you are stepping and "rolling" with your other broken leg, when you take a step with your good leg you are required to put all your weight on your other leg. which contradicts the whole purpose. thats why they invented crutches. i had a perfectly easy time keeping up on crutches with those whose legs are not broken while i had a fractured ankle.
By Rapunze123
I broke both the bones in my lower leg about 3 months ago, & had a rod and pins inserted. Still having another 3 months of recovery time, I'm leery of any movement where I'm not completely in control. Even with the restricted rolling motion, I don't think I would've felt secure having a roller at the end of my leg. However, I applaud your brainstorming to make life easier for those with limited mobility.

There are many issued that need to be addressed while on crutches, where the innovators should spend time. I couldn't carry anything while on two crutches, so I got a carpenter's apron with wide pockets to accomodate things I needed to carry with me. I bought padded bicycle gloves to help ease the pressure on the crutch grips. I also "dreamt up" my Spherical Laundry Basket Cage while pondering how I was going to get the laundry down the stairs, while on crutches.

Keep those ideas coming.....necessity is the mother of invention.
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By AaronBurns
Even with crutches this, is a great idea! :-[ :-[ :-[
By jimfalco
sounds good at first, however I agree with the reply that it would not feel safe. More importantly part of the healing process of bone is "bone remodeling" this is better achieved by bearing weight on the bones as tolerated during the healing process. This is also why weightbearing preventitive exercises make for stronger bones. Keep your wheels on your roller skates, but don't break a leg!
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