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By AaronBurns
A glass ball filled with a clear or slightly tinted electric condusive liquid with very low voltage and high wattage electricity running from a base. When your finger runs along the glass outside the ball you would make a grounded electrical contact creating a complete circuit which would tingle your fingers and also create lightening from the base to your fingers. It could look like anything and you could put in different materials that would react to the elecrtricity like copper flakes which would heat up and glow. Imagine if it looked like a snow globe. You could put anything in the liquid inside the glass ball. It might even look like anything you wanted it to look like: Soccer ball, football, fish, light bulb, skull, etc.

The difference in this from static electricity is that the lightening would look different and it would be able to be felt as a tingle. You could add a ground switch to create a night light of random lightening bolts.

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By AaronBurns
With the glass thin enough, you can even have the lightening come out of the ball and out to your fingers out to about a foot or so.
And the lighting is Bright Blue! ;-D

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