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By Steve
I had this idea at a halloween party, but there might also be other, more serious applications.

What if you could poke out your tongue at someone and display a certain design/words, and the next time your tongue comes out of your mouth, there's something completely different written on it? In theory, there are many (more or less convenient) options to achieve this, like putting a (mini)printer into your mouth, or hiding a tiny projector in your nose to project the image on your tongue once you stick it out.

Probably the easiest way would be to hide small, pre-written sheets in your mouth (maybe just "yes" and "no") and find a way to rotate them. Or just a small, two-sided plate that you can easily flip with your tongue.

Reward: I want a sample so I can joke around with it at the next party
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By AaronBurns
Steve- I checked your idea and I had no idea which steve was posting ideas. There are a few. I know this is your Web Site but, what I didn't know was that you are in Austria (Home of our California Governor, Arnold Swartzenager) he's pretty cool.
Your idea sounds great and if you had a tiny printer in there it could come preloaded with all the uploaded words you wanted to display.
I think it is Original which is the hardest part of coming up with a good idea.
You need to visit America and come to our Best places like (Disney Land".
Also, after seeing how the rich live, you might want to see (But avoid) our poor and homeless. Every other Country thinks we are all spoiled here but, did you know that 99 percent of America's wealth is controlled by one percent of the population?
The rest of the majority here are in the middle or lower classes.
So, we all have a daily struggle against Capitalism since it is mostly for the few rich that live here forcing everyone to work and gain nothing.
Other than that, back to your idea. If your tongue could control it you could put anything in there and do magic tricks too!
By MissPlayful
I said in a previous post on another thread:
"When I first read Steve’s “Action Pizza” idea I thought it was the silliest idea since his eminently tastless “Artificial Food Particles for your Teeth”. If there was a competition for the silliest idea on CreativityPool I wondered which of Steve’s two ideas would take the cake (pizza?). But this pizza idea has actually produced some sensible suggestions! Thereby disqualifying it from the competition!”

Well I am happy to say that we now have a replacement for the withdrawn pizza idea, and this one is a beauty. I know Steve would never say this, being modest and shy by nature, but this takes silly ideas to a new level of sophistication.

By the way Steve, have you considered putting advertisements on tongues?
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By Steve
Hiya MissPlayful, nice to have you stopping in again! ;-D

I fear that tongue advertising wouldn't pay to well - at least not sure in which situations such a product placement would come in handy. O:-) If you're frequently on TV it might work though - I can already envision Larry King trying to position his brand new Bud Light ad when he says "Laaarry King Liiive"... ;-7

Aaron, I've been to California a couple of years ago. We even paid a visit to Arnie's office, but since the governator-to-be wasn't in, we took a picture with his T2 replica instead. ;-)
By MissPlayful
You could have nubile young men and women paid to walk along the main streets and malls (or even in restaurants, trains and planes) with advertisements on their tongues, walking up to people they judge might be receptive to the ads, and sticking their tongues out right in front of their eyes.

Famous athletes, movie stars, politicians etc could have well-known brand logos on their tongues for when they are being interviewed on television, and be trained in the art of sticking their tongues out in such a way that the viewers can see the logos. I am sure there are plenty of rock stars who would jump at the opportunity to stick their tongues out at the television cameras at every opportunity for a big fee. Particularly attractive tongues could become world famous and command colossal fees for advertising space.

I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities of tongue advertising. I may have to swallow my words here but you may have started a whole new field of advertising.
By Ars3naL
Well, I was watching the MTV music awards and they had on it a few girls wearing LCD tee's that were playing LL Cool J's Music video. Maybe you could wear a Tee, or a pair of gloves, a hat.. any type of article of clothing where you could program saying, whatever you want on them, so if your somewhere loud you can just push a button or some sort of scroll on a controller where they can see what you want to say instead of announcing it across a room.
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