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By Itheoxy Xakhzhatlia
Do you have enough money? If so, you can buy small broken enterprises to refloating. Sample: Buy a business. Invest to refloat it until it makes profits then GIVE the 80% of actions to the workers with this condition: You will receive the 20% of profit only. If 10 of whole profit, the workers get 8 and you 2. Doing this with many small business, at the end you will get more profits ever imagine and you will know that make money with no workers explotation.

Reward: recognition
By thedoc7777
well this sounds like a great way to motivate the employees and allow them to feel as though they are an integral part of the company, although i fear most problems with small businesses dont lie in the employees nearly as much as it lies in the business system that is set up to manage the cash flow and expenses. Getting employees to work harder is great but not the key to refloating these businesses. In fact many of the true investors in the world do just what your proposing, look for broken ships, take what they know about business systems and fix the problems in the same way you would fix up a real estate property to resell or rent out. Sadly its easy enough with a good business system to have lazy employees and still have success. Take mcdonalds for example, its an amazing business system and its run by teenagers.

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