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If you add a transmitter to all posted speed limit signs or areas for a certain road, Highway, or freeway (speedway), or just add that information to the GPS navigational equipment in your vehicle, you could move onto a road where the signs might be behind you or not visible at the time you pass the sign post then, we would have happier law enforcement officers, know the speed limits and less accidents and speeding tickets, keeping your auto insurance costs lower and yourself safer and more informed when on roads when you just don't know how fast you can go. Maybe we could add this technology to auto manufacturing and have it transmitted just above our speedometers to help keep track of our own speed.

Speeding tickets are the number one reason a person will be stopped for and is the biggest problem for us and speeding endangers pedestrian traffic crossing dangerous or busy roads. All around safer driving for all. All the speed limits could be transmitted and spoken to the person in the automobile through a small speaker installed by the manufacturer, through the GPS Speakers, or the speed limits could come across on one of your radio stations with local, state, and/or federal law enforcement traffic and road condition commercials between speed limit transmissions. They could add any additional information to that channel about the road or a commercial of any kind they wish.

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By Ars3naL
Great idea.. Ive had it many times where i started going past the speed limit and not even know it. They could also make the speed limit identifyer flash to the amout you are going over the speed limit. Like if you are going 66 in a 65 it would flash once ever 8 seconds, but if you were going 80 in a 65 it would flash once every 3 seconds.

And.. eventually when we all have this technology in our automobiles, there would be a connection into a police system where the police could track the speed of every driver on the road (would kind of suck) but they could only give you a ticket if they caught u in the act. This would make people think twice before speeding. Plus speeding doesn't get you anywhere much faster as is.
Nice idea. My GPS doesn't have a talking additive, but it does make a sound when you go over the speed limit. It also posts the speed limit for the area you're driving in.

To the poster above, no speeding does get you to places faster. But it depends where and how far you're driving. If you travel at 80mph versus 60mph over X distance. Your time travel will obviously will less when you're going faster.

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