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By AaronBurns
I hate to go out every year and have to pick out a new calandar! Why can't someone make one last for fifty years so that people like me can hang them on the wall and when they drag you out dead in fifty years they would find the only clean spot in your place would be behind your fifty year calandar. Why every year? Why a desk calendar?

I don't want a one year calandar and I don't think you can write on a desk calandar. Just make the pictures different for each month, make them good photos or drawings or paintings or suprise me with all of that stuff. I just need a place to write down birthday's, vacations, appointments, and everything else. If anything, make the calandar bigger so that I can write a whole lot of stuff on one day. I might actually be going to the Dentist on my Father's Birthday and I need more room on that Tuesday to write it down on. Of course you know that the day would be different every year but, we have ways of knowing that ahead of time, especially with my new and improved version of the over-sized fifty year hanging calandar.

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By Boraxus
#6176 ... screen.htm

(basically, a wall mounted screen)


Any old computer (garage sale, etc, refurb, or buy new!) that has TV-out.

Any basic organizational program will allow you to fulfill the calander aspect, and just back it up after each change onto a CD-RW (or to a CDR, just do not close the session).

Basic cost: (including lcd monitor, which can be replaced every 5 years) approximately $400. The old computer can be found for about $100, which you can sell all the parts you don't need (excess ram, replace HDD with smallest one necessary, and only one CDRW optical drive)

You can even set a screen saver/ picture for any mood you are in. spend another 20$ for a sound card and cheap speakers (or use your household ones), and you got mood music AND a warning device if there is a birthday coming up! if you dont care about great graphics, use an old pI or PII that doesnt use a CPU fan (less moving parts, last longer - no draw because it is only a calander), OR improvise! get the better computer/graphics and combine it with a beer fridge! ( ) (Add 100-150$)

Now you have a beer fridge 100 year calander that is SILENT, and USEFUL, and with the cdrw - you can always swap the parts without losing your calander!
Cost: 400-600$ (but can be less if you have to old computer, and get a smaller wall mounted lcd screen)

hope it works for you!
This will not solve your problem of buying a new calendar each year, but...

there are such things as "birthday calendars" which you can find at a museum gift shop without too much trouble.

As for other ways to avoid buying a calendar, maybe only using teh calendar on Outlook can save you the hassle. I have not found a good system after many years of trying to develop one. Not even using the little handhelds works (too annoying and you can;t see the full screen when youprint it out).

I just print out a blank sheet of paper (like from outlook's view with the times of day along the Y axis) and fill it in as my day goes along. On the other side of the Y axis, I have a list of all the things I want to get done that day.

Good luck.
By sneezyalex
I have an electric calender that is attached to my wall. It is a touch pad /voice recognition calender. Has a programed 150 years in it. Don't need it all though I'll be dead by the time it gets to the end of those 150 years. Anyway when I say "schedule" in the morning it tells me what I have to do that day. It also at a certin times it says things like " 5 min. until your lunch with Dr. Peterson" It is very useful but it cost me a bundle. I got it off ebay so I don't know where to get it anymore. After 10 years of faithful service it still beats any old paper calender. :-P ;-D :-D
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