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When Is Midnight Questionnaire

Question 1)

When Is Midnight?......................................................................

Thanks for filling in this questionare (it was dead short wasn't it).

A creative thinking questionnaire excercise to reveal what type of thinking someone uses. It could be interesting to ask someone when they think midnight is to find out if they are creative.

Go do!

If they say 0:01am in the morning, or 12 pm in the evening then could it suggest that they use past experience thinking? The idea is, that if people say the time they are familair with then it could be their perception is universal, but only up to a point. After this point it could be suggested that thinking more about wehn the middle of the night is, is related to our preconceived ideas of time and events that we use that are to do with the light in the daytime and not the actual clock method. Thinking further here becomes interesting because if we assume that the evening starts at around 6pm at dinner or we can word it- later that day- and the last part of that day towards night is around 12 (later that same night) then I have often thought that midnight could actually be at 9 pm. Any thoughts on how we think events are when they are? When is midnight?


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