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By AaronBurns
Detachable, retractable (it goes up to the top of the regular bike helmet or down in front of your face) face shield much like the face shields worn by police officers wearing riot gear masks but, with much lighter weight (thin but, strong clear plastic). Not for impact protection but, has many other protective features such as pebbles, bugs, wind burn, dirt, dust, or other flying debrise protecting all parts of your face especially your eyes from abrasion from objects in the air (dust can scratch your eyes and mess with your breathing). It would sit on top of your head and helmet, when not in use, completely out of the way and would not alter the existing design of bike helmets of today. You could even un-snap it and take it off completely returning your helmet back to original design. What we are trying to avoid with this design is adding weight or obscuring vision and by making the mask limited in size and only in front of the face we solve both these problems especially since plastic can be strong, durable, replaceable, and light in weight. Cheap to make and cheap to buy and a very easy thing to add to existing helmet designs.

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By armandos_girl2002

Its is about time someone mentioned this idea cause I had this idea once too when I was a distance rider! Especialy in Phoenix where there is lots of dust storms and sun! Maybe you could add optional UV protection by adding a tint? There is an Idea! Also you must consider the risks involved with ading something like this. It is over your eyes so if you added it, it would have to be flexible and sturdy enough that it would not crack and create a sharp object that would poke your eyes out!? Something more rubbery like what ever they make contact lenses out of? Something that might pop off if impact was incoured with out breaking. Ecspecialy for kids! Anyways Great Idea!

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By AaronBurns
In my original idea that was rejected, I had added too much stuff too it. The Uva/Uvb protection doesn't even need to be darker, it can be clear. Also you can add that tinting that darkens in bright sun light and lightens in the darker times.
My idea is too use the more flexable new materials which bends but does not break.
You and I are thinking exactly alike here.
It was all included in the original rejected idea and it might even still be in the docks if you wated to read it and the replies.
You are exactly right about the breakage. If you use the older plastics, rather than bending, they would break into sharp shards and cause severe laceration. I even once had a job dealing with sharp plastic and they can cut you like a razor blades and just as easily. It is a very important point to use the non-breakable plastics.
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By Steve
All I said was that in rain, the sight might get worse instead of better, and that such a shield could hardly protect your face in an accident. O:-)
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By AaronBurns
I did alot of thinking about that when you said it and I think that if you were to add the vehicle products of Rain-Ex or other such products that make water drop off without building up then it would not be a problem. You simply wipe or spray on the invisible liquid material that makes water droplets bead and run off for completely clear visibility. Then your safe. The only problem I've found is that once you use these products you have to use a long time to wipe them off unless you just re-apply a new coat which it then is not a problem.
I think those rain products for wind shields would be the answer to that problem and should easily work on plastic since it is clear and the products work on clear surfaces.
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By Boraxus
Steve wrote:All I said was that in rain, the sight might get worse instead of better, and that such a shield could hardly protect your face in an accident. O:-)

Easy enough! have a secondary layer like a mini sombrero for line of vision, for rain only. I used to have one (smaller version) on a full Motor Bike visor – make it mesh enough as to not cause wind resistance, but water proof. Image

This got me thinking. I have a cape for Halloween that i can see through, but no one can see in. maybe have something like that extended out past the eyes by an inch or so, then have air blasting it from the inside, knocking the particles that would normally stick to it loose. If you already have the original designed visor on, the air wouldnt get into your eyes, and it would probably prevent fogging too (like a vent on a windshield) - added protection? or overkill? (go a little farther and have the fan motor run by the bikes tires spinning and a mini battery backup - I used to have a bike light that was powered that way)
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