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By Kevin Leung Cheuk Pan
Nowaday, The US has the most sophisticated spacecraft. But it hasn't ever developed a transport that can use very little energy.
To overcome the grativational force of Earth, people have to apply a lot of thrust to encounter it to go to space.

But why don't we try to change things around? I believe (although seems impossible) there are two methods to propel the rocket without fuel.

First, scientists can find method to stop a tiny area's gravitational force, then we can just a apply a tiny force to push things up since net force is zero.

Second thing is to stop a tiny area on the Earth to stop rotating suddenly. Due to inertia, the rocket in the specific region will start to move with the Earth rotation speed (A HUGE ONE!).

Personally, i feel that the second is pretty cool.

Reward: Let me be the one who ride on this rocket. Invite me to research in these things.
By Ender Shadow Hunter
What you propose is Antigravity, Currently Scientists are working on this idea. If it were possible than intersteller travel would be possible. I like the idea though. Ive read about some other ideas. That follow your idea a little. . We could have a cable structure of some kind that would use magnatic propulsion
By Jay
The Antigravity idea is interesting.
The 2nd seems more like Bungee jumping. During rotation,earth has a linear speed of 28 kms/sec. So stopping the earth or even a small part of it of even an instant, would due to inertia, sling all things in that area like missiles at that speed.I don't think I'd like to be in this area at that instant.
By Kevin Leung Cheuk Pan
The problem here is:
How can we create a tiny area that's instantly not rotating as the Earth do at one instant?

[Something related to magnetic field or space time?]
By Rion Aztral
Regardless of what anyone else says, I think your idea is pretty cool,

1, Because it's so different, that some people fail to see how cool it is.
For example anti-gravity has been thought of already so Ender Shadow Hunter had no problem agreeing, but stopping just one part of the earth? Seems to me that Jay put the second part of your idea down. Of course the earth is rotating at 38km a second, but Jay was simply showing us he knows astrophysics. YOU already knew it rotated fast.

2, You are simply proposing what hasn't been thought of before.
That is very cool. I want to thank you for inspiring me.
I also welcome you to my site...
no, I don't welcome you...

I beg you to come and post your great ideas.

it's at and

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By Michael D. Grissom
ok... how 'bout this one:
If there are any anti-gravity particals in the universe, they would most likely congregate at the gravitational null point between planets. So, we go there and collect them. Of course, if you collect too many, you may not have enough power to get them all the way to the surface of the earth where repulsion would be greatest.


Imagine looking up and seeing a rocket at about 500 feet, nose pointing down, under full thrust, moving very slowly as it tries to get to the ground before running out of fuel.

If I ever see that, I'll know somebody stole my idea!!! :~(
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